Frequently Asked Questions

What cities to you service?
Morris County New Jersey and the surrounding area.

What payment types do you accept?
Check, Cash.

What are your business hours?

Do you guarantee your work?
Installation and wiring guaranteed for 12 months

Do you give estimates over the phone?
We absolutely give free phone estimates. For surround sound estimates, we usually request the customer email a few pics of the room where the TV will be installed.

Can customer supply the TV mount and HDMI cables?
Absolutely. We can provide everything required for a professional installation OR the customer can provide the TV mount and HDMI cables.

Can the components (cable box, etc.) be hidden in another room or closet?
How do you do this? We program and install RF universal remotes. The components can be hidden up to 100 feet away.

Are all mounts the same quality?
TV mounts come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. The most important feature is actually size. The best mounts will be a minimum of 18 inches wide in order to hit two studs. This is really critical for heavy TV’s.

Are all HDMI cables really the same? Why do they vary in price so greatly?
HDMI cables do vary in quality, gauge, and flexiblity. It is rarely necessary to pay for the premium brands. We test all of our HDMI cables and we guarantee they will work perfectly on all of your equipment.

Do you have testimonials?
YES, we have a long list of satisfied customers.

How soon can you do our installation?
Usually we can schedule an installation in less than 1 week. We also work weekends.

Will I need to hire an electrician to hide the power cord in my wall?
oneCLiCK can do this for you using a power bridge. You will not need to hire an electrician

Will you have to cut holes in my drywall?
For installations over fireplaces, you will always have to cut holes in the drywall.

Can you do drywall repair and painting?
Absolutely we can be hired to do this following the installation. Prices quoted separately for drywall repair and painting.

What is the most important thing to consider when having a TV mounted?
Leave it to the professionals. It is an investment you will be glad you made for many years to come.

What happens if the TV doesn’t work after you leave?
Please call us anytime and we will do whatever we can to troubleshoot the problem. Truth be told, most all brands of TV’s today are extremely reliable units.

Do you have certifications and insurance?
We have the following licenses, certificates, and insurance:
o NJ HIC – New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor License
o State of New Jersey Business Registration Certficate
o Morris County NJ Certificate of Trade Name (oneCLiCK)
o NJ Sales and Use Tax Certificate
o Certificate of Liability Insurance by Hartford Insurance Company $1,000,000